Why Boxing?


We all fall into two broad groups of fitness people:

Golden Gods. Immediately recognizable. Old Mediterranean women make the sign of the cross when you walk past. You get free lattes just for blessing a Starbucks with your presence. Your police mugshots become part of your fitness modelling portfolio.


Sounds like your situation? Move on, this article is not for you.  Go on to your forums to read about the most dynamic way to organize your supplements.

We should be alone now, so let’s talk about the rest:

·         You lift weights but you’re in a rut

·         You’ve maxed out your yoga flexibility

·         You’ve told yourself a million times you need to work out more


This is the article for you, and the answer is easy: try boxing. Let’s talk about why


Teamwork makes the dream work

Most of us who have ever been on a fitness odyssey have tried the gym at some point. Walking down the street for five minutes is long enough to see at least five Goodlife bags. Success in the gym is all about consistency, maintaining momentum, and practicing discipline as it relates to diet and regular gym days. This is all made much easier if you have a reliable gym buddy.

A good gym buddy is a gift from the universe. Ideally this is someone with the kind of wisdom you need, who you can stand to work with, and who you don’t mind making ridiculous lifting faces in front of. As you would imagine, these angels are hard to come across, and most gym rats are consigned to work out solo.

Maybe you’re a living image of determination and gym virtue, and you can do it completely on your own. The rest of us earthlings find it kind of difficult to maintain a strong work rate in the gym when left completely to ourselves. You miss one day, take another day off, then before you know it the gym high is a faint memory. Maybe even a sprint through YouTube lifting heroes wouldn’t help at this point.

When you give boxing a try, you take the massive pressure off of having one single gym buddy. The reason? You’ll have tons of them. When you’re in the gym training with other people, shadow boxing or hitting the bags, you won’t allow yourself to slack off when you tune in to the energy in the whole room. Outside the club, you’ll have an easier time getting yourself to come in, because so much of the pressure of pulling off a big workout by yourself is gone. You’re contributing to the group effort, and you get an intense workout without even thinking about it.

Which brings us to the second point.

Built-in Training Mechanism

Boxing already enjoys a strong imprint on our collective imagination. Maybe it starts with Rocky or Raging Bull (Cinderella Man if you’re sentimental). If you follow the thought a moment later, you might picture Cubanos shuffling and weaving to the rhythm. Come train in the gym and you’ll find your head move into that space all on its own. You’ll find yourself doing the steps and throwing the punches, keeping the gloves by your head. Once you get into a positive loop you’ll see yourself getting better too.

You’ll be so pleased for figuring out how to duck weave and jab that you won’t even think about the intense workout you’re getting. Fat burning, muscle building, and controlled breathing will slip right into your ritual without you even thinking about it.

Bring some Fire to your Yoga

You’ve learned to steady your breathing, but maybe your yoga has reached a plateau as well. It happens, and working in some cardio and bag work in the boxing gym could be what you need to get over the hill.

Think about it for a second: you’ve already got the core strength, rhythm, and broad fitness wherewithal to ease into something new. You’ve got more transferable skills than you may think.

Boxing is the best way to get your heart going, activate muscles you might’ve forgotten, and to give you a push that reminds you what an endorphin rush feels like. When you loosen up after training you’ll see you’re able to stretch that extra little bit, or better reassess what you’ve been doing and where you’re going next.

Who knows, what starts as a lateral move to supplement your workout could become your main grind. Next thing you know you’re packing your hand wraps and gloves more often than your yoga mat.

This by no means covers every fitness person in the world. There must still be a few groups who are barely known to science. But it does cover a broad enough demographic, and if these sound at all like you, then it may be time to ask yourself why not boxing?

Wrapping Up

This may have left out people who do shirtless pullups in the park, or work out at home like Travis Bickle. If you identify with one of these, there’s a strong chance that the problems we talked about earlier still affect you. Our fitness problems are all unique of course, but our human problems of plateaus and no motivation are common. if you’re gym bag is getting lost under a growing pile of laundry, then it’s time to ask yourself: why not boxing?