The Top 4 Reasons to Start Boxing 🥊

By Peter Mathewson

Throughout history boxing has occupied a special place in sport, providing us with some larger-than-life personalities and inspiring the scripts to Oscar-winning movies like Rocky and Million Dollar Baby. Yet while boxing has always received plenty of attention in the press, many have been put off lacing up the gloves themselves because of the physical demands of the sport.


Not anymore. In recent years boxing has seen a massive growth in popularity, so much so that it has even overtaken yoga as the exercise routine of choice. But even though boxing is getting more and more popular every day, don’t write the sweet science off as just another fitness fad: there are some serious benefits to getting started on the heavy bag ASAP.




Total body workout

While you may think that boxing is all in the hands, the majority of your punching power actually comes from your core – this means that boxing is all about the legs, hips and shoulders.

Boxing gives a total body workout that touches all the major muscle groups while simultaneously improving balance, coordination and agility. On top of that, you will improve your cardiovascular health, increasing your lifespan and making everything else just a little bit easier.

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or are just starting to get into shape, boxing gives an amazing mixture of aerobic, anaerobic and flexibility exercises to tone your body, build muscle, and burn fat – fast.




Boxing makes you smarter

You read that right: research has shown that boxing can make you smarter.

Like other forms of exercise, boxing increases blood flow to the brain. However, the complexity and speed of boxing combinations require your brain to up its game, improving your memory and the way your brain processes information from the physical world.

Boxing requires major concentration, and whether you’re doing partner work or having punches called out by your coach you will quickly develop an amazing ability to focus. Watch for your reactions to get quicker, too.



No More Stress

It may be a while before you’re ready to fight for that championship belt, but learning an awesome new way to defend yourself will still leave you feeling like a bad ass. Not to mention the serious stress relieving benefits: try releasing some pent-up aggression on a heavy bag and you’ll know instantly what I mean.

Stick with it for a while and your blood pressure may start to drop – great for long term health – but in the short term you always look forward to an immediate release of endorphins and dopamine. Those are pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face.




You won’t quit or plateau

Once you’ve started boxing you’re never going to want to stop. Between the great and motivating community, the friends and social ties you’ll make, and the amount of fun you’ll have learning the sport, pretty soon quitting won’t even seem like an option.

There’s also no way you’ll ever plateau, because no two boxing workouts are the same and there’s always a new technique to learn. If you’re ready for greater intensity, you can always push yourself a little harder – with boxing, the results are up to you.

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