Why Do Group Exercise?

Every gym goer has had that terrible feeling. You walk out of the change room with all your new gym gear on and take a look at all the benches and equipment in front of you. Maybe you try and steer clear of the confident strides of the obvious gym veterans who have places to be and shoulders to sculpt. You’ve decided where you’re going to begin, and you’re standing in front of a tower of cables and pulleys. For many, this is where the fear sets in; everybody sees me, and they will know that I know nothing about working out.

A lot of people are able to movie past this phase and start to feel a bit more comfortable coming to the gym for the next few weeks. A lot of these people might fall into a completely different trap: maybe after a few weeks you look in the mirror and feel like the pounds aren’t melting away like you hoped, or your shoulders aren’t quite as wide as you wanted. If you ask around, you’ll see a lot of people stop going to the gym simply because of boredom.

Getting into working out is hard, but there’s one thing that can help: group workout. You might be picturing Zoomba or synchronized swimming. Stop. In this article we’re talking about the benefits of group workout and boxing.

The first solution that getting into boxes classes offers is to boredom. You’re going to come to class, hit the bags, break a sweat, and have fun. Getting a positive response from the workout you do can make all the difference. Working out in a social environment makes it easier to find extremal reference points for your workout and develop a sense of accountability. You’re likely going to work a lot harder because you’re part of a group rather than just keeping track of minutes or reps on your own. If you’re having fun and feel like you’re doing good work, you’re more likely to stick with it.

 So, the question arises: how do I know the workout will be all that good? I can just watch a few YouTube videos and get a good idea of what to do. One distinct advantage that group boxing has over solo workout, especially for beginners, is that every class is specially designed and lead by someone with experience. This is extremely important if you’re trying to build up your confidence, strength, and endurance to start out. This is crucial to stay safe, avoid injury, and maximize results of time spent in the gym.

Of course, having a pro trainer there to keep you moving on track makes boxing the perfect kind of exercise for complete beginners. You only need to bring yourself and some comfortable gym clothes, no previous experience with boxing (or anything!) is required. You won’t start off with any complex motions or composite lifts, just some cardio and bag work. Besides that, the group will give you plenty of reference, all you have to do is follow along.

Summer is over, and there’s no better time to try a boxing class.