Do you accept walk-ins?
Of course! Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class to get familiar with the gym and to ensure that you are properly equipped for class.

Are open workouts permitted/Can I workout by myself?
Yes! If you’re looking to train on your own, please inquire about our Facility Membership.

Do I have to sign in prior to attending a class?
YES! Class spaces are limited. Therefore, we recommend that everyone reserve their spot through our website or our app. If a class is full, we will be unable to let you participate if you have not already reserve a spot. 

Are there showers?
Yes! We have showers. Need towel service? See our reception for more info.

I'm looking to get my first fight or want to further my boxing career can you help ?
We offer a Competitive Boxing program that will take you from ground zero and can build you to be a champion in the amateurs and pros.

Is there parking?
There is Green P located right behind the gym ($1.25/hr) as well as FREE residential street parking on Salem Ave (10am - 11pm)


How much are your memberships?

Please refer to our Pricing page for more information.

Do you offer ‘pay-per-class’ options?
Yes! Class packages can be purchased through our app or at our facility. Please refer to our Pricing page for more information.

How do I suspend/freeze my membership?
The freeze policy allows you to temporarily suspend your membership in accordance with the following terms: 

You may freeze your membership once per contractual year for a maximum of two (2) consecutive months free of charge. Any additional months after the timeframe outlined will result in a freeze fee of $35/month.

I want to cancel my membership, how do I do that?
Cancellations cannot be made over the phone. You can cancel your membership in club with a staff member by giving the appropriate notice, filling out a cancellation form and paying the cancellation fee stated on your contract. If coming into the club is inconvenient, you can send an e-mail to: info@united-athletics.ca. Cancellations are processed this way to ensure you will get a receipt that your cancellation was received. 

For more information on refunds/cancellations, please click here


What should I expect during class?
Expect to sweat! Our classes are broken up into 3 stages: a warm-up, dynamic body weight exercises, combinations on the bag (or pads), and core work.

What should I wear?
We recommend wearing comfortable athletic clothing and sneakers - nothing special, just the usual. 

Do you offer a free trial?
We do not offer a first free class, but we do have Intro Specials for first timers! Please refer to our Pricing page for more information. 

Do you have a beginner-friendly classes?
You bet! We encourage everyone to work at their own pace. Whether you’re looking to box for fitness, to learn technique, or to compete – we’ve got you covered. Instructors will provide any modifications if needed.

I've never boxed before, is that okay?
Definitely - we've got classes suitable for ALL fitness levels. To learn more about our classes, click here or download our App today for more information. 

Is sparring open to everyone?
We require AIBA certified record books or Club registered medicals. To learn more, please speak to one of our coaches. 

When should I arrive?
Newcomers are recommended to come 15 minutes before to get prepared for class.

What if I reserved a spot for class but can't make it?
We allow clients to cancel their reservations for class up to 2 hrs before the start of class. Late cancellations will be charged a $5 fee. 


What equipment do I need?
ALL boxing classes require boxing gloves. Hand wraps are optional, but highly recommended. 

Can I rent gloves or hand wraps?
Glove rentals are available for $3. We do not rent out hand wraps for sanitary reasons.

How do I clean my boxing gloves?
Wipe down and air dry your gloves after every use.  If you put them in your gym bag after a workout make sure to take them out when you're home.  Do not throw gloves in a washer and dryer machine. 

Can I throw my hand wraps in the wash?
We recommend hand washing your wraps with a mild detergent and hanging them to dry. This will prevent your wraps from getting tangled.