6 Week Challenge


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Knock out the extra fat in just 6 weeks!


Step into the shoes of a boxer for 6 weeks!

This plan combines boxing & nutrition with a personal touch! It has been expertly devised to SHRED FAT by training and fuelling your body the right way! Train for 6 weeks and change your Mind & Body forever! 

you get what you pay for

Be prepared to get in the best shape of your life! For 6 weeks you will Train Hard, Eat well & Get Amazing Results all by Boxing and following your tailored plan.


1. LOSE up to 25lbs in 6 weeks 🏃🏽

2. GAIN 10x more strength 💪🏼

3. RELIEVE 90% of your daily stress 💆🏻


Are you committed?

You're one step away from learning how to eat right and train right in order to achieve the results you want! Just think, 6 weeks from now, you are going to be SO glad you started today! 





Our 6-Week Challenge starts the first Monday of every month! 🗓

If you'd like to reserve a spot for the next challenge, please book a consultation with one of our staff members below: